What Are Some Of The Must-try Seafood Delicacies?

Despite the large vegetarian population, India has a diverse culinary space including succulent seafood, prepared with passion and local traditions, which are sure to easily captivate you.

The coastal towns of India have carried the waves of some of those scrumptious seafood delicacies to the kitchens afar. While the spicy broth of Nandu Rasam awakens your taste buds with fiery flavours, Kannur Meen Moilee calms you down with its soothing coconut cream. Royyala Vepudu and Prawn Milagu are so insanely delicious that you won’t stop eating them.

Yes, from the fiery soups to bold curries and celebratory biryanis, there is a vast ocean of seafood for you to sail through. So, surf through the blog to find the must-have Indian seafood!

The Crustacean Wonders 


  • Nandu Rasam

Nandu Rasam, a favourite wintertime delicacy of every Tamil household, is a deliciously rich, fresh sea crab stock infused with a rich blend of spices and fragrant herbs. This tasty soup shimmers as if the ethereal glow of golden moonlight is on your bowl.

Oh, the soup impresses you with its spicy twist and plays with your palate as the tanginess of the tomatoes and delicate sweetness from the crabs kick in. Trust us, you would long for this savoury broth to be a part of your everyday meal forever!

Feeling under the weather due to a cold or cough? Give Nandu Rasam a try! This nourishing soup could give you much-needed relief and cheer you up.

  • Nandu Kara Kulambu

Born in the heart of the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu, the Nandu Kara Kulambu is a flawless artwork. The curry is so tantalising that even its orangish hue will set your mouth to salivate, promising an adventure of flavours and a tribute to the cultural heritage.

The tender crabs, simmered in the pool of creamy coconut milk base, are seasoned with the intense spice mix to create an explosion of exotic flavour, colour and smell.

This seriously addictive crab gravy is best served with hot, fluffy rice. But be warned, this one will disappear in a blink, way before you even realise it.

  • Nandu Puttu

The cherished crab surprise, Nandu Puttu, draws you in with its irresistible yellow shade looking like the petals of the sunflower and marie gold being scattered on a plate.

The delicate crab meat, steamed and dressed with gentle spices and herbs, shows its beautiful natural essence.  With each bite, you feel as if this dish takes you away to the land of pure happiness.

You might forget everything and want to hold onto that moment dearly to savour the delectable food once again. You just can’t help but applaud the perfect medley of flavours of the dish that warm your soul. And, we believe, this is one of the dishes you shouldn’t miss out on.

2. Prawns

  • Royyala Vepudu 

Royyala Vepudu, the homestyle delicacy, is a dish you should try if you want to treat yourself to a spicy, bolder version of prawns. Every spoonful of this food contains the coastal flavours, the warmth and the love of Andhra Pradesh.

The sizzling prawns coated in a fusion of fiery spices are enlivened by the herbal charms of curry leaves and coriander. Beneath the veil of steam, prawns and spices converse in hushed tones, a flavourful secret shared only with your taste buds. Be it plain steamed rice, aromatic jeera rice or soft chapati, this dish pairs really well with a variety of bases.

  • Chemeen Biriyani

From the green lands of the ‘God’s own country’, Kerala, known in the culinary world for the legendary rice dishes like Thalassery Biryani and Calicut Dum Biryani, comes Chemeen Biriyani, an exquisite creation to tempt the palates of every seafood lover out there.

The soft prawns, infused with a rich blend of spices, are gently simmered with aromatic rice and crowned with a sprinkle of caramelised onion. The prawns shimmer like delicate jewels upon the delectable foundation of seasoned rice.

Rich textures and exotic spices create layers of luxurious flavours that exceed all your expectations. You would think of it day and night, yearning for a whole other plate as soon as possible.

  • Prawn Milagu

If given a choice to select a seafood starter that could leave you in happy tears, we suggest you go for the flavourful Prawn Milagu, a seafood starter unlike any other. The luscious prawn, tossed in the vibrant Indian spices bursting with life, is a tasty poetry written in blazing ink.

The gentle sweetness from the prawns offers a helping hand to balance the fiery heat of the seasonings. This delightful voyage will make you wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner, but ultimately be glad that you joined the ride.

The Gem Of Fishes

  • Kannur Meen Moilee

The popular fish stew of Kerala, the Kannur Meen Moilee wholeheartedly comforts you on days when you crave a taste of your home. The gentle breeze carrying the lovely scent of Meen Moilee will invite you to step out and discover new favourites from the coastal bounties of Keralian cuisine.

The fresh fish swims in the creamy coconut milk broth seasoned with turmeric, which adds a golden touch to the mild curry. Experience the magic of this dish with a cloud of steamed rice, the delicate string hoppers and everything in between. So, what are you waiting for?

  • Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu

If you are seeking to find the authentic food of Tamil Nadu, Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu is your answer. This hearty curry celebrates tradition and the ocean herself.

As you savour this Kuzhambu, you are revealed of the tasteful flavours it treasures. The tarty tamarind, tangy tomatoes and spicy masalas instilled in the fish is an enjoyable complexity that beautifully complements the dish as a whole.

The real magic of this meal lies in the depth of the insatiable desire it evokes, stirring your senses and exciting you to have another and one more. So, be prepared to be swept away by the tides of this gravy.

  • Meen Pollichathu

Happiness comes in different forms, shapes and sizes. But, do you know it can also come in a warm packet of nature’s plate as Meen Pollichadhu? Marinated in an aromatic paste of masala, the tender fish, wrapped in banana leaf, is steamed to perfection.

This surreal fish dish is something that blurs the line between reality and dream, something that bridges the gap between the sharp pang of hunger and sweet ache of nostalgia, something that bends the very definition of seafood delicacy. You know, Meen Pollichadhu and Matta rice are literal food goals!

The seafood menu at The Madras Diaries is the talk of the town and sea alike for serving the finest regional specialities India has to offer. So, come, and experience the flavours of India yourself! We can’t wait to welcome and share our love for Indian food with you.