Treat Yourself In The Best Indian Restaurant in Amsterdam

Home, goes the saying, is where the heart is. Probably nothing reminds the Indian diaspora living in Amsterdam more of their homeland than the mouth-watering delicacies dipped in memories and nostalgia. When you treat yourself in the best Indian restaurant in Amsterdam, ensure you make the best choice.

So, when you are venturing into this culinary adventure, refer to online forums and reviews to have a comprehensive idea about the restaurant’s reputation. Visit the website to ensure whether the menu is capable of catering to your food habits. Importantly, make sure that the price range is within your budget. 

Alternatively, if you are an Amsterdammer giving Indian cuisine a shot for the first time, you are in for some delectable delight! The South-Asian delicacies are known for their spices, herbs, and fusionist experiments that will leave you wanting more.

What to check before treating yourself in the best Indian restaurants in Amsterdam?

Indian restaurants are especially known for their customer-friendly staff. So, before you make a booking, ensure the inn has a hospitable atmosphere, especially if you are bringing young children and elderly people along. Moreover, you can also be on a strict dietary regimen or are a vegan. Take note whether these considerations will be an issue when you go to the restaurant of your choice. Additionally, plan beforehand about how much you want to spend during the dine-out to avoid splurging.

With rapid digitisation, you are burdened with innumerable choices. Picking the best one from a lot is, admittedly, a daunting task. Especially when it comes to dining out, you need to make an informed decision before you book a table.

A quick visit to review forums like Yelp can give you a comprehensive idea of how regular customers feel about this place. Moreover, food vloggers have emerged as a reliable source for documenting pros and cons of popular eateries. So, you can scroll through YouTube and your social media feeds to have a glance at how the restaurant usually functions.

What to consider when you are visiting an Indian restaurant for the first time? 

Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, not all Indian foods are spicy. So, you can expect dishes seasoned according to your liking. You will find highly appetising delicacies with tangy, savoury, or sour relish coming right off the kitchen. Indian cuisine is also notable for its desserts. So, if you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat when entering an Indian inn. 

As a multi-cultural nation, India has a diverse cuisine that blends various textures, colours, and flavourful delicacies. When you visit an Indian restaurant, you can rest assured about getting different scrumptious alternatives to intrigue your taste buds.

The cordon bleu chefs are also known for their grandiloquence in coming up with nouvelle cuisine. So, expect numerous plates, silverware and pots on your table when you sit down with your friends and family, as multiple courses are often served in a single sequence.

Indian culture celebrates the notions of bonding over dining together, so sharing your meal is considered a norm. Consequently, the platters are usually large in portion. So, ask the catering staff for extra spoons or bowls for the proper serving of that Pallipalayam Kozhi Biriyani or Manathakkali Vathal. Because sharing, as you know, is indeed caring!

Which dishes should you try out at an Indian restaurant?

Try out the piquant doughnut Medu Vada as a starter. Go for veg or non-veg thalis of your choice, or dig in your favourite biriyani. Top it off with kulfi or gulab jamun as desserts, maybe!

You should order appetisers when you are visiting an Indian inn, as you will find some unique combinations on the menu. So, why not enjoy the culinary delight such as Melagu Rasam as a yummy start to your dining adventures. This spiced tomato broth, combined with coriander and peppercorns, is a popular south-Indian soup.

Especially if you are a first-time visitor, consider consulting with the waiter and ask for recommendations. As individuals who are most aware of the ins and outs of a restaurant’s functioning, they are the best people to guide you in deciding your course of action.

When it comes to beverages, Indian restaurants have a dynamic range to offer. You can consider having a sip of freshly made mango lassi or rose milk. These cold drinks can help you hydrate and have a positive impact on your digestive system after a large meal.

Additionally, if you are looking for some light snacking, Indian restaurants will offer you numerous interesting options. From Idly and Dosa to Uthappam or Poori Masala, these inns offer lip-smacking grubs that you will keep returning to!

Which table manners should you maintain when visiting an Indian restaurant?

When you are visiting an Indian restaurant, keep in mind that you should always be patient with the attending staff. During business hours, they have to attend to numerous responsibilities, and a generous margin of error should be expected. If you are trying out this cuisine from a different culture, it is quintessential to be respectful of its differences from your day-to-day habits.

Additionally, when you are having a gala time, make sure that your fun-time activities should not hinder someone else from enjoying. So, when you are in the public setting of an inn, keep the other visitors and customers in your consideration.

Therefore, remember that:

    • It would be best to put your napkin on your lap when consuming your food. It helps you avoid messing up things and helps the restaurant bussers to clean up easily after you.
    • If you are unsure about a dish, do not order it.
    • Calling your servers by snapping your finger is not a great look for you.
    • When you are leaving the table, do not push your plate or the chair in.
    • Try to compliment the staff and the chef if you love a special delicacy.

Which wine to pair with Indian foods when visiting a restaurant?

The best Indian restaurants in Amsterdam can also offer you a wide range of wines. If you are unsure which wine you should choose when trying out different Indian dishes, you can ask the sommeliers for proper guidance.

However, for basics, you can go with the general rule regarding white and red wine that the oenophiles widely prefer. If you are ordering seafood, pick out the finest white wine available to enjoy a grand palate. On the other hand, a bottle of lush and rich wine can be a great complement to red meat.

Keep in mind that the herbs and spices used in your dish play a large part in deciding how the delicacy will taste with the wine. So, when you are ordering biryani, opting for a wine with complex aromas can significantly improve your dining experience. Additionally, light and medium-bodied wines are generally regarded as a reliable choice when you are going for lighter culinary alternatives. If spicy food is your comfort zone, you can never go wrong with a fine rosé.

Moreover, if your dish is acidic in nature, try to buy a bottle of wine equally high in acid. Similarly, when you pair wine with your desserts the next time you treat yourself in the best Indian restaurants in Amsterdam, it is better to sip one that is sweet in taste.

So go on and try out different pairings. Or, break the set rules and come up with a creative fusion. Bon appétit!