With every meal, you order from The Madras Diaries, experience a slice of delicious combinations of flavours that scintillates your taste buds. Indian food is all about flavour- the spicy gravies, tangy chutneys, sweet and sour accompaniments, buttery bread, and sweet desserts. The Madras Diaries understands your love for Indian food and brings you authentic Indian food in Amsterdam. Satisfy your cravings for Indian food by visiting one of the finest Indian restaurants in Amsterdam.



Connoisseurs have always extolled the benefits of ambience in restaurants and how important it is to enrich the dining experience. At the Madras Diaries, a meal goes beyond mere food. Each dish carries a tale we have perfected and recorded in our culinary diary. 

Our restaurant is designed with myriad colours, bringing you the exuberance of India right here in an Indian restaurant. When you step into our restaurant, you will be transported back to the vibrant restaurants that satisfy the hunger pangs and cravings of every traveller.

Whether you are dining with family or a group of friends, you can relish a splendid meal in a cheerful setting that is calm and reminiscent of the delectable eateries of India. Step into The Madras Diaries to savour South Indian food at its best, or order from us to bring home the deliciousness of our food.