Nestled in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, The Madras Diaries stands as a premier South Indian Food Restaurant, welcoming you to a world where the aromatic spices and rich flavours of South India blend seamlessly with the dynamic spirit of this historic city. Our Amsterdam branch is more than just a dining spot, it’s a cultural gateway, offering an immersive experience that marries the profound culinary traditions of South India with Amsterdam’s unique charm and character. Whether you’re a local craving a taste of home or a traveller seeking an authentic culinary adventure, our doors are open to introduce you to the genuine tastes and warmth of South Indian hospitality, all set against the backdrop of Amsterdam’s lively streets and picturesque canals.

TMD Chief's special Chicken Gravy
TMD Chief's special Paneer Tikka
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Lunch & Dinner

Step into our world for lunch or dinner and savour the flavours of South India. Our menu ranges from light, fluffy idlis and crispy dosas perfect for lunch to rich, flavorful curries for a hearty dinner. Each dish is prepared with care, using fresh ingredients and authentic recipes to bring the true taste of South India to your plate.


Our drinks menu complements your meal perfectly, with everything from refreshing coconut water and tangy tamarind drinks to our unique spice-infused cocktails and mocktails. Each beverage is designed to enhance your dining experience, adding a splash of excitement to your meal.

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