What Makes Buttermilk a Summer Staple in India

What Makes Buttermilk A Summer Staple In India?

Summer is here in full force. A refreshing sip of chill relief in a glass to quench your thirst and leave you feeling light and happy, buttermilk is the taste of summer joy.

For generations, Indians have relied on buttermilk’s cooling power to handle the scorching heat. The delicious drink combats dehydration and regulates your body temperature. 

So, let’s churn out the reasons why buttermilk is an Indian summer favourite. 

What Is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk, affectionately known as Chaas in North India or Neer More down South, is a classic healthy yoghurt drink. It has been a part of Indian households for centuries now. 

Instantly revitalising your body and soul from the hot sun, this tangy beverage, trust us, will tantalise your taste buds. 

In buttermilk, the creamy yoghurt and the water meet and mingle with India’s celebrated spices. A sprinkle of ginger or cumin, herbs and a drizzle of salt is all you need to make this heartwarming drink perfect for any summer adventure. 

No fancy ingredients, no complicated steps, just a quick and easy creation to chill down in a flash and enjoy the season to the fullest. 

Traditionally, buttermilk is a fantastic post-meal companion. A nice tall glass of buttermilk, after a hearty lunch exhausts all the superlatives. 

But, the truth is, it shines on its own, absolutely worthy of being savoured independently, whenever you please. So, any time is buttermilk time. Either way, you will be hooked for life once you drink this spiced beverage. 

India And Summer

India tackles summer days with practicality, generosity and an unlimited supply of buttermilk and water. 

During the summer season, you will find many stations organised by local groups, offering these cooling drinks completely free of charge to help people get through the harsh heat. 

Ah, this is truly a beautiful display of Indian compassion, hospitality and ingenuity at its finest! 

Why Is Buttermilk So Popular In India During Summer?

Hydrates Your Body

The blazing sun can make you feel parched, draining out all your energy. And, dehydration, a common concern in summer, can lead to fatigue, headaches and even dizziness. But, you can prevent all these and show some love to your body simply by drinking buttermilk. 

With a water content of around nine-tenths, buttermilk is a flavorful way to increase your daily liquid intake and stay hydrated to replace the fluids lost through sweat during the unforgiving weather. 

Sweating also washes away the electrolytes. Being rich in potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, buttermilk can help restore the electrolyte balance and support the body’s functions. 

Packed With Nutrients 

Buttermilk is honestly a nutrient-rich drink you shouldn’t miss. Strong bones are crucial for a healthy body and your everyday diet should include calcium to keep them sturdy. 

Buttermilk, with its abundance of calcium, can be your partner in maintaining your bone health. For vegetarians seeking sources of vitamin B12, buttermilk emerges as an amazing option. 

Oh, it is a good source of protein as well. Buttermilk is a healthy and tasty addition to your well-being indeed. 

Gut-friendly Beverage 

Yoghurt, brimming with probiotics, serves as the foundation for the gut-friendly qualities of buttermilk. 

Consuming this drink promotes a good digestive system and supports a balanced gut microbiome. By nurturing a happy gut, you pave the way for improved nutrient uptake and a more effective immune system. 

Thanks to the lactic acid present in buttermilk, you can experience easier digestion, less bloating and relieving the discomfort that might come with heavier meals. 

The feeling of heartburn after eating a few spicy foods can be soothed by buttermilk. It can neutralise stomach acid and bring quick relief for you. 

The natural properties of buttermilk show a calming influence on some gastrointestinal disorders. It can also be a natural aid for constipation as it promotes regular bowel movements. 

Cools You Down

The sun’s glare makes you yearn for a revitalising escape to revive your spirit from the stifling heat. 

And, buttermilk, with its inherent cooling nature, occupies an important spot as a value drink in your summer essential food and beverages list. 

When the temperatures soar, your body cools down by producing a steady stream of sweat. This leaves you perpetually thirsty, searching for ways to quench that relentless dryness. 

But, the chill sensation of the buttermilk pampers your parched throat and rehydrates you deeply. Ah, pure satisfaction, we tell you!

Buttermilk ensures a delicious taste bud experience along with hydration. This makes staying hydrated in the summer more enjoyable, making you drink more frequently to beat the heat. 

Great For Your Skin

The heat wave can steal the radiance of your skin and give it a dry and dull appearance. By replenishing the fluids, buttermilk brings about healthy hydration from within, helping your skin look plump and dewy. 

This visibly shows improvement in both your skin tone and texture. Buttermilk is also a natural detoxifier. 

As it removes toxins from your body, you can achieve clearer and healthier-looking skin with regular consumption. Buttermilk might be just what your skin needs. 

Other Health Benefits 

The Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) is present in the beloved buttermilk. MFGM boasts high levels of phospholipids, which can help keep your cholesterol in check. 

They might decrease the absorption of the bad LDL cholesterol and increase the good HDL cholesterol levels, thereby potentially reducing the risk of heart disease.

Since buttermilk is naturally low in calories and fat, it can be a helpful beverage for weight management as part of a balanced diet. 

So, if you are looking for a cool beverage to manage the hot weather, boost your health and captivate your palate, buttermilk is your answer. This drink is an Indian summertime staple for a reason!

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