Types of Cuisines Across The Globe

Types of Cuisines Across The Globe

The universal love for food connects every human being on this planet. And, when you go beyond the geographical boundaries, you see the culinary horizons in ways you never thought were possible.

The spicy goodness infused in Indian curries, the delicate simplicity found in Japanese foods, the hearty sauces of the French and the bold flavours wrapped in Mexican food reflect the rich diversity of the global cuisine. 

So, get ready for a culinary trip around the world in 5 minutes. 

The Great Global Cuisine 

Mexican Cuisine 

The lovely fusion of Mayan, Aztec and Spanish culinary traditions has given birth to Mexican cuisine, one that is known and appreciated around the world.

Mexican cuisine bursts with the freshness of ripe tomatoes, juicy limes, plump avocados and chillies. Corn or maize, is the heart and soul of Mexican cooking. It is utilised in many ways, including fluffy Tortillas, savoury Tamales, sweet and refreshing drinks like Horchata. 

While some dishes pack a punch, others are mild and flavorful. You can adjust the spice level to suit your taste buds, so you need not miss out on the brilliant dishes. 

A handheld bite of Tacos proves that delicious food does not have to be complicated. With just a few ingredients and a dash of love, your taste buds can reach heaven. 

The comforting Enchiladas and the earthy Mole are some of the Mexican treasures you must try. Guacamole is the ultimate party dip that is as simple as it is satisfying. 

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine makes the best use of fresh, seasonal ingredients to cook you the most satisfying dishes ever. They let the natural flavours of the high-quality ingredients shine through, rather than focusing on some complicated recipes. 

Fresh tomatoes, fragrant basil, and creamiest cheeses easily steal the show. A pasta tossed with garlic and olive oil alone can be a revelation.

The elegant strands of spaghetti, the pockets of ravioli and the cute butterflies of Farfalle are some of the countless versions of pasta Italy proudly serves you. The creamy Fettuccine Alfredo or hearty Bolognese pasta can make your heart race. 

Pizza, of course, needs no introduction. The crusty, cheesy bread with amazing toppings tempts you to have a slice, one more and another. Well, no wonder sharing the last slice of pizza is a love language. 

But, there is so much more to Italian cuisine than pasta and pizza. You should explore soups, salads, seafood and rice delicacies. Ah, Italian food comes with a big bowl of ‘amore’ (love)!

French Cuisine 

The French believe in their seasonal ingredients and cooking methods, which have been honed over centuries to create dishes that are otherworldly. Here, every step of the recipe has its place and every ingredient plays its part. 

The techniques of the right sear on a steak and the gentle rise of soufflé show you the epitome of perfection in every French kitchen. 

The luscious Coq au vin is a classic for a reason. The tender chicken slow-cooked in red wine with mushrooms and bacon tantalises your taste buds. 

A cosy bistro in Paris will invite you to the aroma of fresh-baked bread. As you savour the golden brown loaf of Baguette with its crackling crust, you will realise why it is regarded as one of the symbols of French cuisine. 

A French dish is a painting on a plate, arranged with care to tempt your eyes before you even take a bite. 

A vibrant medley of summer vegetables, Ratatouille, a vegetarian masterpiece brims with flavour. This visually appealing dish warms your heart and engages your palate with interesting textures.

Turkish Cuisine 

The unique location of Turkey, bridging Europe and Asia, means its cuisine has absorbed influences from all over. 

You will notice the hints of Mediterranean freshness, Middle Eastern warmth, and Central Asian heartiness, all beautifully combined. Fresh produce along with lamb, chicken and seafood keeps the cuisine interesting. 

A Turkish meal is an experience, often starting with a dazzling platter of appetizers called Meze. Traditionally, family dinners are a big deal in Turkish culture. It is a time for everyone to come together, reconnect and share the day’s news over a tasty meal. 

And, a dish like Meze allows you to linger at the table, catching up and enjoying each other’s company. Oh, you definitely have to try the tasty Kebabs, zesty Piyaz and mouth-watering Manti. 

A Turkish feast feels incomplete without dessert! Baklava, with its layers of flaky pastry, chopped nuts and honey syrup, is a world-famous treat and rightfully so. 

Japanese Cuisine

Kaiseki, a multi-course meal, revolves around the concept of ‘Shun,’ featuring ingredients at the absolute peak of their season. 

Five key seasonings form the foundation of Japanese taste – sato (sugar), shio (salt), su (vinegar), shoyu (soy sauce), and so (miso).

In Japan, the changing seasons are not just about the weather, they are also about the flavours on your plate, brought by the wave of Shun ingredients.

Spring brings delicate flavours like Clam Broth and Sakura flavoured treats, while summer offers refreshing bursts with chilled Ramen Noodles. Come fall, sweet potato Tempura and chestnuts gives you happiness and winter warms you up with soul-satisfying stews and hotpots.

A plate of Sashimi and a cute Bento Box are truly feasts for your eyes and palates. Sushi, the popular raw fish with rice dish, is a flavourful adventure in every mouthful. 

The crispiest batter of Tempura enveloping the fresh vegetables or seafood makes you want more. The Japanese rice bowl dish, Donburi, has an amazing balance of umami and sweet flavours. It is filling and highly nutritious. 

Indian Cuisine 

Just like the diverse landscape of India, Indian cuisine boasts regional specialities, each dish unique and different from the other. In the south, you might find yourself enjoying great curries simmered with fresh coconut.

Delectable kebabs sizzle in tandoor ovens of the North Indian kitchens, while the west coast beckons with seafood stews kissed by the Arabian Sea. Religion, culture and ancient wisdom also influence Indian food. 

Ah, the enticing aromatic Indian spices are what truly set the cuisine apart. They not only add wonderful flavour but also give health benefits. Indian food offers a spectrum of flavours, from gentle to fiery. 

The delicate Olan and the creamy Butter Chicken are good examples of how Indian food isn’t always about spicy curries. But, the hot Pork Vindaloo and Laal Maas will make you reach for seconds and maybe, a glass of Lassi to cool things down. 

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