Delicious Snack Ideas For All The Coffee/Tea Lovers

Bonded over countless cups, this friend has stood by you through all your highs and lows – yes, your very own tea or coffee. Its silent love language miraculously makes everything better, heals broken hearts and even convinces you that the late-night movie marathons might not be the cause of your dark circles after all.

But, let’s be real, tea or coffee hits differently when you have got the right snacks. While Samosa gives you that savoury crunch and Milagai Bajji brings the spice, Beetroot Kola Urundai adds a pop of excitement with both its colour and flavour. All these and more perfectly complement the gentle caress of your favourite brew.

Now, get ready, because we are about to spill the tea… or should we say coffee – on many more delicious snacks after we serve you some soul-soothing cups

The Snack Quest

Vegetable Samosa

Samosa, this golden triangle treat which is accompanied by a breeze of spices can easily take over your palate. The flaky and crispy pastry wraps the soft mix of potatoes, peas and onions with a spice blend of cumin, coriander, chilli powder and garam masala. A bite of comfort but with a spicy twist, because why not?

Grab a plate of hot samosas paired with a steaming mug of tea or coffee during chilly evenings and watch your cheeks get a rosy glow, your heart feel all snug with contentment and a big, happy smile light up your face. And no, you don’t have to limit samosas to just tea or coffee breaks.

Craving quick bites between meals? Samosa. Planning to impress your guests with an excellent snack? Samosa. Anytime, any day, any place, well, the answer is clear – Samosa!

Medu Vadai

The tasty savoury doughnut, Medu Vadai, is a taste of belonging, which is a piece of your home, wherever life takes you.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the act of enjoying medu vadai with a good tea or filter coffee has evolved into a comforting routine for many. Like the day and night, Medu Vada is intricately woven into the daily lives of many South Indians.

Made with urad dal (black gram) and seasoned with black pepper, cumin seeds and ginger, these rings exhibit a crispy outer layer and a fluffy inner layer. Offering a good dose of protein and fibre, Medu Vadai proves to be a wholesome and fulfilling snack.

Well, the vadai brings the crunch, the tea brings the warmth and together they create a magic that rivals the enchantment of a starry night. You might want to trade stargazing for vada-gazing!

Onion Bajji

The golden fritters, known as Onion Bajji, feature thinly sliced onions coated in spiced chickpea flour batter that are then deep-fried to a golden, crispy delicacy.

These snacks present a unique flavour spectrum, where the rustic savouriness complements the natural sweetness and the mild spice kick brings an added intrigue. Try them with mint chutney and witness its cooling and herby essence beautifully contrast the richness of onion bajji. It’s a flavour journey you won’t forget!

And, the pleasure of having some onion bajji with tea on rainy or frosty days is really something special. Yes, chai and onion bajji are the classic pair absolutely worth trying!

Urulai Bonda

You know Urulai Bondas? They resemble miniature potato worlds, complete with crispy crusts and an erupting core of spicy flavours as you munch them.

Oh, urulai bondas go really well with the traditional coconut chutney and the tangy tomato ketchup. The gentle notes of chai or strong undertones of coffee find their match in the savoury potato stuffing.

And, once you start snacking urulai bondas, trying to stop the urge to continue eating is just wishful thinking. Yes, you might start with one, then two and before you know it, you would have inhaled a plateful. Impossible to stop, we tell you. So, urulai bonda deserves a round of applause for making snack time the snack-a-thon.

Thotakura Undalu

If you are looking for a snack that gives the best of both worlds – appetising and healthy, Thotakura Undalu is the snack for you. Straight from Andhra Pradesh, this snack is your road trip through their culture and flavours.

Thotakura Undalu are little nutritious powerhouses, all thanks to the star ingredient, the amaranth leaves. They are packed with loads of vitamins, calcium, protein and fibre. And, these emerald crunchies are earthy from the leaves and nutty from lentil flour, giving flavours that are genuinely unmatched.

Sip on some mild tea and let the sweet, milky tones soften the robust elements of the treats. So yes, snack dreams do come true, especially when thotakura undalu is involved.

Onion Mundri Pakoda

The humble onion encasing the luscious cashews after being dipped in zesty and aromatic batter, is fried until it attains a golden hue. The Onion Mundri Pakoda brakes to a satisfying crunch and despite all the deep-fried action, they manage to stay all light and airy. So, no heavy feeling, just snack bliss here.

The onions play a sweet, caramelised tune, that is simply wonderful. The rich cashews add a luxurious depth that enhances the taste of the dish. The heat from the batter surprises you and brings that ‘wow’ factor. Brace yourself, this might become your new snack obsession.

Here’s a quick pakoda tip: try this yummy treat with a cup of fragrant masala chai or strong filter coffee and unlock the snacking joy!

Milagai Bajji

It is time to crank up the heat with Milagai Bajji. Trust us, this snack is anything but ordinary. Though milagai commonly means chillies, in this snack, the focus shifts to mild banana peppers for a flavourful twist.

They get dressed up in the seasoned gram flour batter, make a dive in the hot oil and emerge with a crunchy shell you will love. The tantalising heat from within has the power to keep your stress away and recharge you with newfound energy.

A single bite is all it takes to transport you instantly to the happy chai stalls of South India. And, milagai bajji is that fiery companion your tea needs and you shouldn’t miss it for the world.

Keerai Vadai

Keerai Vadai is here to turn your snacking game upside down. It can be your guilt-free snack choice, tending to your cravings. Each crispy bite is filled with the healthy goodness of fresh spinach, lentils and fennel that nourishes your body and soul.

The unique taste brings a whole new dimension to your palate. So, no matter whether you are team chai or team coffee, at the end of the day, you will find yourself becoming team Keerai Vadai. Seriously, you won’t believe how flavourful this snack is! Like, who knew greens could be this tasty?

Beetroot Kola Urundai

Beetroot Kola Urundai is the snack buddy you didn’t know you needed. These crimson koftas are so delicious, nutritious and colourful that they keep setting the bar higher for snacks.

The beetroot kola urundai is a popular snack, hailing from the Chettinad region. A tasteful fusion occurs as the sweet beet, spiced lentils and earthy nuts come together in delightful balls and are deep-fried till they become perfect.

Whoa, here the crunch is real and the beat love is surreal. Now, be it chai or coffee, grab a beverage of your choice along with these lovely urundais and turn your breaks into mini celebrations!

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