Are You Missing Out On These Delicious Fish Types?

Are you looking to explore fresh flavours and jump into the sea of deliciousness? Don’t you want to reach the shores of coastal paradise, where the taste of the ocean’s mysteries linger on your palate?

Well, then let us introduce you to some lip-smacking fish dishes that might be missing from your culinary world. Meen Polichathu tastes so good that you might pinch yourself to make sure it’s not a dream. Ajwani Fish Tikka enchants your senses with enticing flavours and Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu reminds you of your grandma’s amazing fish curry, making you smile.

So, dive in, get hooked, and let the feast commence because your taste buds deserve a flavourful voyage. Enjoy the waves of flavours from the aquatic gems!

Fin-tasy On Your Plate

Meen Polichathu

Meen Polichathu, a traditional Kerala delicacy, originates from the scenic backwaters of Alappuzha. It is indeed a steamed fish creation. But no, it is not any typical steamed dish but a tantalising journey that embodies culture and tradition.

The tasty fish, dressed in a flavourful and spicy masala of tomatoes and onions is delicately laid on a banana leaf – nature’s very own gift wrapper that encases the wonderful treat.

And, when the package graces your table, you gently uncover the tempting, gold and flaky fish, evoking a mouth-watering response, causing you to wonder why you haven’t been eating this dish every single day of your life. A gentle heads up! The awesome smell from your plate will now capture everyone’s attention in the room.

The fiery meen polichathu is the undeniable proof that magic exists, no kidding! How else can anyone explain that a humble fish, a few spices and a banana leaf can create such an incredible blend of flavours? From the first smell to the final taste, you know, this experience will be etched in your memory for a good long time.

So, take your taste buds on an adventure with meen polichathu. Oh, you got to try it with some steamed rice or Parotta, it is a winning combination!

Karuvepillai Meen Kutchi Varuval

If you have never experienced food euphoria, trust us, Karuvepillai Meen Kutchi Varuval is bound to be your culinary ‘Eureka’ moment. It will make you believe in love at first bite. This scrumptious creation is all about Karuvepillai, the curry leaves, a staple of every South Indian household.

Coated in an exquisite masala made from those curry leaves and home-grown spices, the tender fish is tossed into a hot pan until it reaches the sweet golden brown perfection. And, what you get is a crispy outside dish that opens up to really succulent and well-seasoned fish. Karuvepillai Meen Kutchi Varuval is the true representation of the authentic taste of South India.

This fish literally dissolves in your mouth and lets the fragrant masala unleash its unique flavours that leave you grinning from ear to ear, but you are too blown away to say anything. This dish is best enjoyed with steamed rice and rasam on the side.

Enjoying this meen varuval actually brings forth a variety of health benefits. Grab a plate and get your dose of vitamins, iron and magnesium along with antioxidants, courtesy of curry leaves. The fish element provides the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

Regardless of whether you are a seafood lover or a food explorer, this dish is here to carve a special place in your heart and be your new favourite nutritious comfort food.

Ajwani Fish Tikka

Tikka, a magical spell crafted from spice and fire, usually brings to mind the scenes of chicken or paneer sizzling on skewers. But,  hold on tight, because the arrival of fish in the realm of Tikka unlocked a whole new dimension of flavours.

Wouldn’t you love it if the satisfying tandoor canvas gets infused with tides of flavours in the finned jewels of the ocean? Ajwani Fish Tikka is a celebration of culinary artistry that makes you appreciate the depth of Indian cuisine.

The succulent cubes of fish marinated up and skewered in an extraordinary spice mix and ajwani, the carom seeds are then tandoor cooked until they are absolutely spot on.

Ajwani has got a slightly bitter taste, akin to oregano and a hint of thyme smell. This adds a real twist to the fish tikka that makes it taste super delectable.

Like the monsoon rain, this Tikka showers the raindrops that carry diverse flavours – savoury, smoky, mildly spicy and earthy. This savoury delight is perfect as a starter or as a side dish to accompany your main course.

Oh, don’t forget to elevate the taste of Ajwani Fish Tikka with the refreshing mint chutney, a tangy slice of lemon and those crunchy onion rings!

Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu 

If food can paint a scene without a brush, Gramathu Meen Kulambu would be a village carnival, where the air carries the aroma of exotic spices, strangers become a family under the shared sky and people wear infectious smiles, which creates a tribute to the joy of little things in life.

Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu is a savoury journey of an aromatic fish curry, enriched with the essence of the tomato, tamarind and spice base. This cherished recipe has its roots in the coastal villages of Tamil Nadu, where it has been lovingly passed down through the generations of the fisher families.

This rustic curry feasts your eyes with the vivid orange shade and your taste buds through many layers of flavours that don’t overwhelm you but rather gracefully balance each other.

You get to witness a festival of flavours where there is a spicy kick, tart twists, earthy touch and a hint of sweetness that brings forth the cosy, homely feeling.

The best way to savour Gramathu Meen Kuzhambu is with a bowl of steamed rice. The mesmerising charm of the fluffy medium-grained Sona Masoori Rice is that it effortlessly absorbs the richness of the spices and flavours to help you relish the very last note until there’s nothing left but pure bliss. Let us assure you, that your day will become infinitely better with this heartwarming food.

Kannur Meen Moilee

The creamy, light fish curry is a speciality of Kannur, a coastal district in Kerala. There is a tale that the classic fish curries were too hot for the Portuguese officials. So, a woman named ‘Molly’ stepped in to dial down the spice, leading to the birth of the tasty dish, what we now know as ‘Meen Moilee’.

You know, even though Portuguese played a role, the dish is basically Keralian through and through. Tenderly bathed in the coconut broth, the fish embraces the zesty mix of turmeric and green chillies. The fish is pan-fried to crispy perfection before making a grand entrance in the gravy show. It boasts a flavour and texture explosion!

Spoon after spoon, this appetising curry makes the coastal dreams come true. The luxurious feel of the coconut milk envelopes the palate and the mild heat of the spices mirrors pleasant sunshine.

With this dish, no matter where you are from, the spirit of Kerala stays with you forever and you will discover the true love of coconut and fish in their cuisine.

Make your lunch a little more exciting by pairing it up with steamed rice or soft appams. Or elevate your dinner affair with idiyappam, the luscious string hoppers. This flavour fiesta will make you appreciate the culinary genius and diversity of Kerala cuisine.

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