What Are Some Of The Top 5 Must-Try Soups?

Craving for some comfort food, Or Looking for something healthy to start your day?

Soups are the answer to everything! They are like a warm hug in a bowl, isn’t it?

Although intimidating, soups are actually pretty easy to make and great to taste. Being loaded with vitamins and essential nutrients, soups are light on the stomach and ease digestion, making them a popular addition to multi-course meals.

Majorly soups are categorised into four types:

  • Thin
  • Thick
  • Cold
  • International

Whether you’re sick, cold, or just craving something smooth and creamy or a veggie-packed broth-based soup, this blog will surely please you.

Let us have a look at the top 5 Soups that are running the world.

The Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup

After warm showers and cosy blankets, comfort food is what one looks forward to. Post hectic days, we all wait to try that one thing that can instantly uplift our mood on any given day.

Look no further; we have just the right thing for you!

The rich and delicious mushroom soup is wonderfully satisfying and can be enjoyed in the evening along with some healthy snacks, or one can even have it for dinner or lunch.

It is a naturally vegetarian dish and is hearty, rich, and flavorful. It’s great when topped with fresh herbs and served as a side or main dish!

You can try this healthy, delicious, quick, easy Soup as part of your weekly meal plan!

Here’s why you should have mushroom cream soup:

  • Mushrooms are fat-free, low-calorie & cholesterol-free.
  • Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which helps in boosting the immune system, especially during winter.
  • Filled with Vitamin B, Copper, and Potassium.
  • Some varieties of mushrooms are known to improve cholesterol and boost heart health.

No one can say No to Tomato Soup

Whether it is a cold winter night or just a craving, tomato soup has always existed. Smooth & delicious, the tomato soup is a tasty dish that is great to enjoy any time of the year.

This creamy, rich tomato soup is perfect for a hearty lunch or light dinner. Tangy fresh tomatoes and real cream create a truly comforting, velvety smooth tomato soup perfect for any occasion.

The bold & bright flavour of fresh tomatoes is wonderful both in the spring and summer, and the creamy richness of the broth makes it the perfect comfort food for a cold fall or winter night.

Never say never to a Tomato Soup bowl!

Made with flavourful herbs and spices, tomato soup can be served hot and cold.

It is loaded with many essential nutrients besides being comforting and delicious.

Also, Tomato soup is a popular homemade remedy for the common cold in most households. The presence of vitamin C and carotenoids is known to stimulate the immune system of the body.

Let us have a look at other health benefits of tomato soups:

  • Tomato soup is known to be low in calories & high in potassium and Vitamins C, K, and A.
  • It consists of lycopene, flavonoids, vitamins C & E, and other antioxidants.
  • These antioxidants can protect your skin from sunburn and lower the risk of age-related vision issues.
  • Lycopene found in tomatoes may help maintain stronger bones, reducing the risk of fractures.

An all-time favourite – Sweet Corn Soup

This is one of the most loved soups consumed by people worldwide. The Sweet Corn soup is usually light and refreshing, making it the perfect starter or brunch option.

With its thick texture and unique flavours, Sweet Corn Soup is the ultimate comfort food you can indulge in during any season.

Warm and nourishing, this popular Soup is a magical combination of healthy veggies and flavorful spices! This creamy and comforting Soup is gluten-free, vegan, and superbly delicious.

The recipe for Sweet Corn Soup consists of veggies and spices stewed together to create a heavenly delicacy. The Soup is thick in consistency, but it is not smooth and creamy as the other soups.

It has a rather distinctive chunky texture that comes from soft veggies like carrots, cabbage, and scallions, which are majorly used to make this classic recipe, but you may also add other veggies.

Combining the most suitable spices, amazing aromas, and unique flavours makes this Soup a total hit for all ages.

Why does everyone love this Soup so much?

  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Easy to store
  • The Comfort food
  • Can be made in advance
  • Nutritious

Other benefits include being easily digestible, light on the stomach, and having great taste, and it is also one of the best options if you are feeling under the weather!

Soup for the Soul – Chicken Clear Soup

Nothing can beat the feeling of a warm bowl of Chicken Clear Soup under the blankets on a rainy day.

An all-time favourite, Chicken Clear Soup has traditionally been used as a warming dish to comfort the body and soul. It is filled with a nutritious and sumptuous treat that can be served as a meal or an appetiser before the main course.

This is one of the most flavourful and delicious soups and can be served for buffets, family gatherings, dinners, kitty parties, etc., with interesting appetisers for a wholesome treat.

This Soup is also known to treat certain respiratory disorders like asthma and facial pain and their symptoms and provide much-needed relief from nasal blockages.

Being light, hearty, and delicious, Chicken Clear Soup is a soul-soothing soup that is gluten-free and low-carb. It is also great to have if you are running a cold or fever.

Some of the Benefits of this Soup are as follows:

  • Boosts your immunity
  • Easy-to-digest
  • Helps in building muscle tissues.
  • Good for your hormones and immune system too
  • Fights against Flu!

All Hail The Rasam

A simple yet unique South Indian staple, Rasam is a spicy and clear soup that is deliciously rich in flavour and loved by everyone.

Traditionally it is consumed with rice or sipped down hot as Soup. It is part of a typical South Indian meal that consists of curd rice or sambar rice. The distinct taste of Rasam comes

from its unique seasoning with spices and consistency.

Rasam is different from sambhar and is also made from raw mango or Tamarind, Tomatoes, and a few mild spices. This spiced, tangy, and sour Rasam will surely comfort you and take you down childhood memory lane. It’s a great start to a grand meal, and can also be consumed after a heavy meal for digestion.

The flavour of ginger, green chilli, lemon, and the spice from pepper makes it delicious and delivers an amazing taste.

If you are planning to prepare it at home then here are some tips to make the Best Rasam:

  • Try using only fresh ripe & juicy tomatoes for making the recipe.
  • We just need tomato juice for the Soup. Hence we strain the juice and discard the squeezed puree.
  • Cut the ginger into long thin pieces (julienne).
  • Don’t let the Rasam boil after adding the lemon juice.
  • Freshly grounded Jeera & Pepper powder is recommended.
  • Serve the Rasam Hot!

If you are looking for an authentic rasam taste, then check out The Madras Diaries. Based in Amsterdam, this South Indian Restaurant will leave you with unforgettable memories on both your palate and mind.

As we learned in this blog, Soups are not just tasty but may provide additional health benefits, including increased fibre & water intake.

Hence enjoying a bowl of Soup with a versatile and flavorful taste may be an easy and tasty way to add nutrients to your regular diet.

When you are at home, and it’s raining cats and dogs, it is time to have some hot soup, sit by the window, and enjoy as you watch the raindrops fall like shimmering diamonds.