How has Indian cuisine influenced other world cuisines

How Has Indian Cuisine Influenced Other World Cuisines?

One chilly evening in Paris, I sat down to eat at a small, cosy place. Even though I was far from India, my home, I saw something familiar on the menu – a chicken curry dish, but with a French twist. 

When I took a bite, it felt like a warm hug from home. That’s when I realised just how far Indian food has traveled and how much people everywhere love it. 


Indian food is all about the amazing spices. They’re like little magic ingredients that make everything taste better. I learned from my grandma how to mix them just right. 

These spices have gone on a big journey across the world, popping up in places you’d least expect, like in a spicy dish in Jamaica or a cosy stew in Morocco.


Our love for veggies and all those meat-free dishes we grew up with? It’s catching on big time. I mean, who knew that our simple dal could inspire folks around the globe to try out more plant-based meals?

It’s pretty cool when you think about it.


Ah! What else? A symphony of flavours, textures and colours, has charmed its way into the hearts of food lovers everywhere around the world. Who would have thought that the simple chaat, with its tangy and spicy thrills, would inspire snack counters in far-off lands to recreate this explosion of flavours, adapting it to local tastes while keeping its soul intact?


Now, the tandoor, that’s something special. The first time I saw a tandoor outside of India, I couldn’t believe it. There’s something about tandoori chicken, with its smoky flavour and grilled layer, that just turns people’s heads together, no matter where you are.

CHAI – A Cup of Daily Ritual

And chai? It’s more than just a cup of tea. It’s like a little ritual. Seeing people everywhere getting into chai, turning it into lattes and whatnot, it’s like a piece of our daily ritual is warming the world!


Sweets, ah, our sweets. Sharing a gulab jamun or kheer with someone who’s never tried it before and seeing their face light up, that’s pure joy. These little treats are now finding their way into dessert menus all around, spreading that sweet, sweet love.


Oh, let me dive into this! It’s like Indian dishes have been on a world tour, making friends everywhere. Take the masala dosa, for example. This crispy, spicy treat from down South has literally rolled its way into hearts worldwide. 

You’ll find folks everywhere, from San Francisco to Sydney, giving it their own twist, stuffing it with everything from traditional potatoes to, believe it or not.


And butter chicken? Oh, that creamy, dreamy curry has become something of a global comfort food. It’s like every place has its take on it, making it lighter, spicier or even vegan. Due to its popularity in other countries,  it is mistakenly assumed that the butter chicken is of Western origin. 

But yeah, you can find it everywhere, from diners in Toronto to cafes in London to whatnot. 


Rasam, it is! It has started to pop up in some unexpected spots. I remember my aunt told me she had garam garam Rasam in the streets of New York. It’s often seen as a trendy eatery in London and finding rasam on the menu, not just as a traditional soup but reimagined in new and creative ways. 

Chefs around the world are getting playful with it, turning it into a base for innovative stews, infusing it into sauces, or even using it as a spicy broth for noodle dishes. It’s like Rasam decided to go backpacking and picked up a bunch of new tricks along the way!


Indian chutneys and pickles, oh, they’re like the secret stars of the show! With their bold kicks and tangy zings, they’ve been winning hearts far beyond our borders, weaving their way into kitchens and menus all around the world. It’s like they carry a little bit of Indian sunshine wherever they go, brightening up dishes with their vibrant flavours.

In the bustling streets of Southeast Asia, you’ll find echoes of Indian chutneys in their sambals and sauces, where the essence of blending spices and herbs is taken to new heights. It’s like our chutneys whispered a secret to these sauces, and they took it and ran with it, creating something wonderfully unique.

Even in the cosy cafes of America and the chic bistros of Europe, chefs are getting inspired by the depth of flavours Indian chutneys and pickles bring. They’re using them as base sauces, in marinades or as a zesty addition to charcuterie boards, introducing diners to a whole new world of taste sensations.

And there you have it, a little glimpse into the incredible journey of Indian cuisine across the globe. From the spice-laden streets of India to the cosy corners of cafes in far-off lands, our flavors have traveled, mingled and made themselves right at home, leaving a mark that’s both delicious and indelible.

What’s truly beautiful about this culinary voyage is the way it reflects the spirit of sharing and connection that’s at the heart of Indian culture. Food, after all, is a language of love, a means of bringing people together, of bridging gaps and building friendships.

The Global Voyage of Indian Cuisine 

As Indian dishes continue to inspire and influence cuisines around the world, they carry with them stories of heritage, tradition and the timeless art of cooking with love. They remind us that in the end, we’re all just people gathered around a table, sharing a meal and finding common ground in our love for flavours that excite, comfort and nourish.

So, the next time you savour a spoonful of spicy rasam, a bite of tangy pickle, or a sip of warming chai, remember that you’re partaking in a global feast, one that celebrates the rich tapestry of cultures and the universal joy of good food.

Indian cuisine’s journey across the world is a testament to its timeless appeal and the way it continues to evolve, adapt and enchant, no matter where it lands. It’s a reminder that food is a powerful ambassador, capable of spreading joy, fostering understanding, and bringing a little bit of home to every corner of the globe.

And as this journey continues, who knows what new fusions, flavours and friendships will emerge? One thing’s for sure, though—the adventure of Indian cuisine is far from over, and its influence on the world’s culinary stage is only set to grow, one delicious dish at a time.

So, here’s to the ongoing voyage of Indian cuisine, to the flavours that unite us, and to the endless possibilities that lie ahead on this tasty, tantalising journey.