7 Health Benefits Of Drinking Nannari Juice

Nannari or the Sarsaparilla root, is well-known for its health benefits, especially in South India. Nannari sarbath or nannari juice is one of the most sought-after drinks to beat the heat after a walk in the unforgiving summer sun. With temperatures rising everywhere, this juice has transcended its humble origins and found takers worldwide. Ancient ayurveda talks about the healing powers of this wonderful root and uses it to cure various ailments. So, drinking a glass of nannari juice is not only refreshing, it could also heal you. 

Indians are famous for their season-savvy food and drinks. When you visit any part of India during summer, you will be greeted by vendors selling buttermilk, lassi, jigarthanda, and other drinks along the side of the road. You will also see many charitable outlets distributing free buttermilk, water and fruit juices or cut fruits to wayfarers.

When you step into a traditional Indian household, you will be greeted with a glass of cool water or some nannari juice. Despite the growing popularity of sweetened carbonated drinks, many people prefer traditional drinks like nannari as it does not add unwanted calories. Also, nannari hasa host of health benefits, unlike carbonated drinks that come loaded with sugar.

So, what makes Nannari a preferred drink in Indian households?

1)It is a body coolant

The most important benefit of nannari juice is that it is a body coolant. Nannari has been used in ayurveda to bring down the doshas affecting the body or to reduce the body’s heat owing to stress or external factors. It is also known to prevent dehydration, and it is no wonder that nannari juice is one of the preferred choices for a refreshing drink, especially after a while in the sweltering sun.

2)It purifies your blood

Ayurveda describes the sarsaparilla herb as a blood purifier. In many Indian households, especially in south India, nannari juice was also seen as a health tonic. One of the many health benefits of this herb is that it rids the blood of toxins and any impurities that could be causing illness. Sometimes, nannari juice is made with jaggery to create a healthy drink that is refreshing and beneficial to health by aiding in removing unwanted materials from your body.

3)It cures constipation

With the advent of summer and the rise in temperatures, many people face the terrible predicament of being constipated owing to more sweating and dehydration. Our grandmothers had the perfect remedy for constipation, gas, bloating, and indigestion- a glass of nannari juice; none of those humungous pills for us. Nannari is known to help with digestion and prevent constipation. And the best part, it is safe for consumption by all age groups. So, you do not have to worry about constipation in a young child if you have some nannari juice. 

4)It cures urinary infections.

One of the most painful and irritating ailments could be a urinary tract infection. While there are many causes, there is a wonderful solution to this problem- a glass of nannari juice. In many south Indian homes, there is always a bottle of nannari syrup in the refrigerator to help the family deal with everyday issues. While doctors advise that one must drink lots of water to combat a urinary infection, elders also instruct people with urinary tract infections to drink nannari juice and the extract of wheatgrass during an affliction. Drinking nannari juice also helps in reducing the pain while urinating during an infection. 

5)It aids in digestion

When parents have to deal with their children’s lack of hunger, they are advised to give them a glass of nannari juice. This is because the juice helps them to digest their food properly and also to treat mild stomach disorders. Consuming nannari juice after your meal will help you digest it better. Nannari also aids in metabolism.

6)It is good for your skin

With so many health benefits, it is no wonder that nannari juice is good for your skin. Since it purifies the blood, it leaves you with skin glowing from within. It removes toxins and makes your skin look clearer. And that’s not all…it is also a great way to treat psoriasis, skin rashes caused by heat, acne and other skin diseases. 

7)It helps with weight loss

Nannari juice aids in weight loss owing to its medicinal properties. People suffering from slow metabolism can consume this juice to help them lose weight as it speeds up their metabolism. Similarly, it is useful for people who are constipated. Drinking nannari also refreshes, helping one stay away from harmful carbohydrates and carbonated drinks. It helps flush out toxins from your body, aiding in weight loss.

In addition to these health benefits, ayurveda talks about using nannari juice for gynecological problems. In women, nannari juice relieves menstrual problems such as cramps and body pain. It also helps women suffering from anomalies in the size of the uterus. Also, it eliminates smells that are caused by hormonal imbalances. In men, this juice helps with sperm count-related issues and resolves concerns regarding bile secretion.

It is also extremely beneficial to people suffering from arthritis and joint aches.

This wonderful drink is truly a drink of the gods, as its benefits are many. Its significance in many Indian households results from the many advantages of drinking this juice. Its popularity has risen over the years, and it is commonly found in supermarkets and Indian stores worldwide. This delicious drink is available at your favourite Indian restaurant, The Madras Diaries. Our chefs source healthy herbs from their native lands and make a wonderful drink with nannari, lime, and sugar. Come indulge in a refreshing drink while you dine with us, and experience the benefits of this ancient drink that have survived the test of time and remained a favourite for generations.