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At The Madras Diaries, we cherish the intrinsic family values of Indian culture, where meals are a grand affair involving everyone, served harmoniously and savoured together. We invite you to partake in this amiable ambiance through our heart-warming Indian cuisine food. Our menu, a curated mosaic of India’s culture and flavours, offers a plateful of tradition and innovation.

Drawing from a treasure trove of recipes passed down through generations and our expertise in fine dining restaurants, The Madras Diaries is acclaimed as one of the finest Indian cuisine destinations. Our diverse menu caters to every palate and mood, from aromatic soups and broths to contemporary hors d’oeuvres with a creative twist. Dining at The Madras Diaries means indulging in the best of both traditional and modern culinary worlds.

Each dish we serve is a tribute to the rich heritage of Indian cuisine, ensuring every dining experience at The Madras Diaries leaves indelible memories. For those seeking the pinnacle of Indian cuisine in the refined setting of fine dining restaurants, The Madras Diaries awaits to welcome you.



There is something for every palate at The Madras Diaries, a gem among fine dining restaurants, specialising in Indian cuisine food. From the humble yet flavoursome combination of roti with a spicy yet slightly sweet butter chicken to the garlic-infused naan paired with a fiery gosht rogan josh, our menu is a celebration of diversity. The airy, fluffy steamed idlis served with an assortment of chutneys, the crispy dosas accompanied by spicy podi and sumptuous sambar, each dish is a testament to the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine. Our array of mouth-watering, decadently wholesome meals is designed to make your soul dance with joy, presenting India in all its splendour – the vibrant colours, the diverse flavours and the captivating aromas, all on a single plate.

At The Madras Diaries, we invite you to recline and savour the essence of our glorious tradition with ‘Virundhombal’, an ode to South Indian Food and culinary delights from across the nation. Allow us to transport you back in time as you reminisce over cherished food memories at our unparalleled Indian restaurant in Amsterdam, where the essence of Indian cuisine food is celebrated in the sophisticated ambiance of fine dining.

Simply the best of Indian Cuisine Foods

our signature dish


Masala Dosa

TMD Kozhi Curry

TMD Kozhi Curry

Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry


The Madras Diaries Amsterdam Location


The Madras Diaries, your go-to South Indian Food Restaurant in Amsterdam, where cherished traditions meet a modern twist through the exquisite chettinad cuisine from the renowned Nattukottai Chettiars. Dive into a world of flavours that speaks to both heritage and innovation.

TMD Utrecht Location


The Madras Diaries stands as a premier Indian Restaurant in Utrecht, celebrating the splendour of Nawabi cuisine with a dash of contemporary flair. Savour our Nawabi Subzi Kebab or relish the unique Ajwani Fish Tikka, where the zest of ajwain enhances tender fish, crafting unforgettable dining experiences.

Takeaway Orders

At The Madras Diaries, stepping through our doors means immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine, where each meal is a feast, each drink a celebration and every dish is crafted with love. For those craving the indulgence of our flavours but prefer the comfort of their own space, our takeaway menu brings the best of our offerings right to your doorstep. Offering both fine dining and convenient takeaway options, we ensure that every experience with us, whether in-house or at home, is memorable.

Create lasting memories with every meal from The Madras Diaries, a distinguished name among fine dining restaurants, now available for takeaway. Our doors are open for both lunch and dinner, from 11:30 AM to 9:30 PM, Tuesday to Sunday, ready to serve you our signature delights.




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